Proteomics Standards (sPRG)


The mission of the ABRF Proteomics Standards Research Group (sPRG) is to promote and support the development and use of standards in proteomics for the benefit of all research laboratories, resource facilities and individual scientists including ABRF members and member laboratories.

The sPRG is committed to identifying and implementing technical standards that reflect the ABRF’s commitment to accuracy, clarity, and consistency in the field of proteomics. Examples of technical standards include, but are not limited to, reference materials, data sets, conditions and procedures that give proteomics researchers and analysts independent criteria to evaluate their abilities to produce predictable, consistent results. The sPRG strongly supports ongoing efforts for standardization of the recording and reporting of proteomics experiments.

Please join us for the ABRF Virtual Member Town Hall: Proteomics Standards and Reagents: ABRF Research Groups' Update on July 14th, 2021. Click here for more details. 

Current Membership

Anthony W. Herren (Chair) - UC Davis
Kimberly A. Lee - Cell Signaling Technology
Brian C. Searle - Institute for Systems Biology/Proteome Software Inc.
Bhavin Patel - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ryan Leib - Stanford University
Allis Chien - Stanford University
David Hawke - UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Antonius Koller - Koch Institute at MIT
Gordana Isovev - Sciex
Benjamin Neely - National Institute of Standards and Technology
Magnus Palmblad (EB Liaison) - Leiden University Medical Center


ABRF sPRG 2019 Study

(Closed). Validation and characterization results of the sPRG heavy-labeled phosphopeptide standard from the 2019 cross lab study were presented at the 2019 ABRF annual meeting in San Antonio (2019 poster). Manuscript forthcoming. Requests for access to raw data or participation in future studies should be directed to: [email protected]

ABRF sPRG 2018 Study

(Closed). The sPRG announces a new heavy-labeled phosphopeptide standard and a study to test your ability to detect endogenous phosphopeptides with it. The study is anonymous so everyone is encouraged to participate.

Study Announcement (110K)

Please see change:

data should be sent back to our bioshare:

log in: [email protected] (password stays the same as before)

    - 2018 sPRG Study Sample Instructions

    - 2018 sPRG report

    - 2018 phosphopeptide sequences

ABRF sPRG 2013 Study
    - Study Announcement 
    - Data Results Template 
    - Study Sample Instructions 
    - Skyline Reporting Template 
    - Ion-trap Spectral Library 
    - Q-TOF/QQQ Spectral Library 
    - HCD Spectral Library 
    - Skyline Tutorial 
    - Raw Data Upload Instructions 
    - Human Swissport FASTA database 
    - ABRF sPRG 2013 FASTA database 
    - Skyline Tutorial Data

ABRF sPRG 2011-2012 Study
    - FASTA database file- zipped 
    - Sample Information Letter

ABRF sPRG 2010 Study
sPRG 2010 Study Sample Request (36K)

ABRF sPRG 2009 Study
ABRF sPRG Study 2009 Announcement

ABRF sPRG 2007 Study
ABRF sPRG Study 2007 Survey Open (14K)
ABRF sPRG Study 2007 Instructions
ABRF sPRG Study 2007 Announcement

ABRF sPRG 2006 Study
ABRF sPRG Study 2006 Announcement
ABRF sPRG Study 2006 Sample Letter
ABRF sPRG Study 2006 Data Request


1) ABRF_sPRG_2011_2012_Study_Peptide_Information
2) The ABRF sPRG 2011 post translational modification standard peptide Spectral Library. The library was used by the team to produce both the presentation and poster. It is in NIST format compatible with MS Search and MSPepSearch.

Membership History

Member NameOrganizationDetails
Philip Andrews Univ of Michigan Med School  Member: 02/05 - 02/08
David Arnott Genentech, Inc.  Member: 02/05 - 08/09
Allis Chien Stanford University EB Liaison: 03/15 - 3/19
Christopher Colangelo Primary Ion  Member: 08/09 - 03/12
Chair: 03/12 - 05/15
Craig P. Dufresne Thermo Fisher Scientific Member: 03/12 - 02/16
Jim G. Farmar Merck  Member: 04/07 - 08/11
David B. Friedman ABRF  Ad hoc: 03/12 - 06/12
EB Liaison: 05/10 - 03/12
Mary Ann Gawinowicz HHMI Columbia Univ  Chair: 03/06 - 04/07
Member: 11/04 - 04/07
Anthony W. Herren UC Davis Member: 05/17 - Chair: 03/19 -
Gordana Ivosev Sciex Member: 11/14 -
Alexander R. Ivanov Northeastern University  Chair: 04/10 - 03/12
Member: 03/12 - 02/16
Christopher R. Kinsinger    National Cancer Institute  Member: 08/09 - 09/11
Antonius Koller Columbia University Member: 03/12 -
Chair: 05/15 - 04/18
Jeffrey A. Kowalak NIMH  Chair: 11/04 - 03/06
Member, EB Liaison: 11/04 - 03/10
William S. Lane Harvard University  Member: 02/05 - 08/09
Kimberly Lee Cell Signaling Technologies Member: 04/17 -
Chair: 04/18 - 03/19
Ryan Leib Stanford University Member: 03/16 -
Kathryn S. Lilley University of Cambridge  Member: 04/10 - 06/12
Member: 11/04 - 04/07
Rachel Loo UCLA  Chair: 02/08 - 05/08
Larry Martin Northwestern University  Member: 02/05 - 04/07
Karl Mechtler IMP  Member: 04/07 - 03/12
Ad hoc: 03/12 - 06/12
Benjamin Neeley National Institute of Standards and Technology Member: 10/19 -
Bhavin Patel Thermo Fisher Scientific Member: 03/16 -
Chair: 04/18 - 03/19
Brett S. Phinney Proteomics Core UC Davis Genome Center  Member: 06/08 - 03/12, 03/16 - 03/19
Manfred R. Raida Proteomics.Asia  Member: 04/07 - 04/10
Paul A. Rudnick NIST  Ad hoc: 09/11 - 03/12
Brian C. Searle Proteome Software Member: 08/11 -
Chair: 04/18 - 03/19
Scott A. Shaffer University of Massachusetts Medical School Member: 02/10 - 02/16
Steve E. Stein NIST  Member: 11/04 - 04/07
Susan T. Weintraub Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio  Member: 03/08 - 03/12
Ad hoc: 03/12 - 06/12


  1. sPRG 2009
  2. sPRG 2010
    A Ivanov, C Colangelo, J Farmar, C Kinsinger, J Kowalak, K Mechtler, B Phinney, M Raida, S Weintraub
  3. sPRG 2011 - 2012
    AR Ivanov, CM Colangelo, CP Dufresne, J Farmar, DB Friedman, C Kinsinger, KS Lilley, K Mechtler, BS Phinney, KL Rose, SA Shaffer, ST Weintraub
  4. sPRG 2013
    AR Ivanov, CM Colangelo, CP Dufresne, DB Friedman, KS Lilley, K Mechtler, BS Phinney, KL Rose, PA Rudnick, BC Searle, SA Shaffer, ST Weintraub


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