Meetings Committee

The ABRF Meetings Committee was established to provide continuity & retain institutional knowledge to support the Program Committee and meeting management teamThe Committee includes representatives from the Committees that contribute to the success of the ABRF Annual Meeting (Program, Education Committee, Communications, Corporate Relations, and Membership) along with ABRF Research Groups and the ABRF Executive Board.   

The Meetings Committee is responsible for overseeing the following aspects of the Annual Meeting: 

  • Site selection review and dates 

  • The planning timeline for each annual meeting  

  • Budget estimates and tracking 

  • Best practices and policies regarding annual meeting execution 

Committee Members: 

  • Rich Cole (Chair) – School of Public Health, State University of New York 
  • Marie Adams (President) – Van Andel Institute  
  • Roxann Ashworth (Executive Board liaison) – Johns Hopkins University  
  • Claudia Cosentino (Education Committee) - Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons 
  • Matt DeVries (Communications Committee) – City of Hope National Medical Center 
  • Joe Dragavon (Program Committee) – University of Colorado, Boulder 
  • Justine Kigenyi (Treasurer) – University of Kansas Medical Center 
  • Anoja Perera (Membership Committee) – Stowers Institute for Medical Research 
  • Bob Steen (Corporate Relations Committee) – Harvard Medical School 
  • Mary Winn (CAB liaison) – Van Andel Institute