Glycoprotein (gPRG)


The primary mission of the ABRF GlycoProtein Research Group (gPRG) is to educate the scientific community on the best techniques/strategies currently available to characterize glycoproteins.

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This education will be performed by offering workshops (or potentially a course) at the annual ABRF conferences so that researchers can learn the techniques currently used. The information/protocols provided during these workshops willbe complemented by having annual studies on various aspects of glycoprotein characterization that would allow individual labs to determine their competence while identifying the current “best approaches”. This research group plans to cover issues including, glycan structure determination, glycosylation site identification, and site specific glycan characterization, and will cover both N- and O-linked glycosylation. Each of these issues would be ideal for study topics. The overriding theme of this research group is to fill the current void in expertise when it comes to the characterization of the glycan portion of glycoproteins.

Current Membership

Dr William G Hendrickson (EB liaison) - Univ. of Illinois, Chicago 
Dr Karen R Jonscher - University of Colorado Denver 
Dr Nancy Leymarie - Center For Biomedical Mass Spectrometry, BUMS 
Ron Orlando - CCRC/UGA


1) Announcement for 2011 Quantitative Glycoprotein Study 
    - View Document (86K)
2) Results for gPRG 2010 Study on Quantitative Glycoprotein Analysis
    - View Study Results 

Membership History

Member NameOrganizationDetails
Dr. Wolfgang M Egge-Jacobsen University of Oslo, IMBV  Member: 02/09 - 09/11
Mr Rodney Keck Genentech, Inc.  Member: 01/09 - 10/10
Ron Orlando CCRC/UGA  Chair: 07/08 - 09/11
Prof. Joseph Zaia Boston University  Member: 09/08 - 09/11


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