Genomics Bioinformatics (GBIRG)


The goals of the Genomics Bioinformatics Research Group (GBIRG) are:

  1. To investigate questions of interest to all genomics focused bioinformatics and bio-IT cores, by creating surveys of bioinformatics and bio-IT core management and funding models, conducting studies of computational biology analysis tools and data management methods issues, and identifying best practices.
  2. To explore collaborative bioinformatics and bio-IT support for ABRF genomics focused research group studies.
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Current Membership

Shawn Polson -  (Chair) - University of Delaware
Charlie Whittaker - (Co- Chair) - MIT
Marie Adams - Van Andel Institute 
Yang Bai - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
George Bell - Whitehead Institute
Sara Bowen (Executive Board liaison) - Barrow Neurological Institute
Julie Dragon - University of Vermont
Suzanne Fei - Oregon Health & Science University
Claire Fraser - Barrow Neurological Institute
Chris Gates - University of Michigan
Scott Givan - Van Andel Institute
Sumeet Gupta - Whitehead Institute, MIT
Shannan Ho Sui - Harvard University
Alper Kucukural - UMass Amherst
Nadia Lanman - Purdue
Stuart Levine - MIT
Alexander Lemenze - Rutgers
Jessie Li – UC Davis
Maddy MacDonald - U Delaware
Lorena Pantano, Harvard Medical School
Jon Preall - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Jyothi Thimmapuram - Purdue
Owen Wilkins - Dartmouth

Membership History

Member NameOrganizationDetails
Julie Dragon University of Vermont Chair:  03/18 - 03/22
Christopher Mason Weill Cornell Medical College Chair: 03/12 - 03/18
Nadereh Jafari Northwestern Universtiy Chair: 03/12 - 03/14



  • Multi-year study (2019-2022) Functional Annotation Routines Used by ABRF Bioinformatics Core Facilities - Observations, Comparisons and Considerations
    • Key findings highlighted in 2022 ABRF Annual Meeting talk by Shawn Polson
    • Study detailed in 2021 ABRF Annual Meeting talk by Charlie Whittaker


  • 2019 study: Bioinformatics Core Survey to Assess Challenges Facing Data Analysis Facilities
    • Described in 2020 ABRF Annual Meeting Talk by Julie Dragon
    • Dragon JA, Gates C, Sui SH, Hutchinson JN, Karuturi RKM, Kucukural A, Polson S, Riva A, Settles ML, Thimmapuram J, Levine SS. Bioinformatics Core Survey Highlights the Challenges Facing Data Analysis Facilities. J Biomol Tech. 2020 Jul;31(2):66-73. doi: 10.7171/jbt.20-3102-005. PMID: 32382253; PMCID: PMC7192196.

Questions or interest in joining an ABRF research group? Contact us