FASEB Cares Awards

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FASEB is continuing to support diversity and inclusivity efforts by offering the FASEB CARES program. FASEB CARES (Career Advancement and Research Excellence Support) provides financial support to alleviate financial burdens associated with caregiving, enabling FASEB society members to continue their scientific training, professional development, and career progression. $5,000 each. Applications open September 18 – October 27.

Learn more:  https://www.faseb.org/diversity-equity-and-inclusion  



SRR Reports

NewPolicy Brief published on Maximizing Shared Research Resources.  The results of the FASEB Task Force on Shared Research Resources, led by ABRF members, are included in this new article in the FASEB Journal.  

Contemporary science has become increasingly multi-disciplinary and team-based, resulting in unprecedented growth in biomedical innovation and technology over the last several decades. Collaborative research efforts have enabled investigators to respond to the demands of an increasingly complex 21st century landscape, including pressing scientific challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. A major contributing factor to the success of team science is the mobilization of core facilities and shared research resources (SRRs), the scientific instrumentation and expertise that exist within research organizations that enable widespread access to advanced technologies for trainees, faculty, and staff. For over 40 years, SRRs have played a key role in accelerating biomedical research discoveries, yet a national strategy that addresses how to leverage these resources to enhance team science and achieve shared scientific goals is noticeably absent. We believe a national strategy for biomedical SRRs—led by the National Institutes of Health—is crucial to advance key national initiatives, enable long-term research efficiency, and provide a solid foundation for the next generation of scientists.




For more than 20 years, ABRF has been a member of FASEB, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, which is comprised of 30 professional organizations representing over 130,000 life sciences professionals around the world.  As a respected voice for the research community, FASEB provides ABRF with science policy and advocacy expertise and representation.


  • Helping to educate scientists about how to get their messages out to let the world know about the importance of science.
  • Keeping ABRF members informed about emerging policy and legislative issues while there is still time to debate changes.
  • Helping to educate legislative representatives about the importance of science and maintaining scientific funding at a sustainable level.
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with leaders in the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF) and other federal funding agencies regarding funding and other issues that are important to scientists.
  • Advocating for well-written scientific policy and strong funding of science, including U.S. instrumentation grants.
  • Providing informed opinions when asked by the NIH and NSF with regard to changes in funding formulas and other issues.
  • Offering access to unique and valuable FASEB publications, including the FASEB Journal, FASEB BioAdvances, and the FASEB Washington Update