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Often referred to as the heart and soul of the ABRF, Research Groups (RGs) are organized by ABRF members to advance specific biotechnologies and analytical techniques for the benefit of core and research laboratories. This is done primarily by developing research studies whereby participating laboratories can gauge their ability to perform a given analytical technique(s) and, importantly, to gauge the effectiveness of that technique or methodology in real laboratory situations.

Research Group members typically participate for up to three years to design, conduct and report results of a specific study project.  Some RG members may continue with the group for a second, three-year cycle.

RG areas of expertise cover a wide range of biotechnologies - Please see the list of RG's below.  If you are interested in their research studies or want to become involved in a research group, please contact us

Roles within a Research Group

While many ABRF members work in the technology areas addressed by Research Groups (RGs), the success of ABRF Research Groups depends upon the active participation of members who contribute in various ways, including:

  • Collecting samples
  • Conducting tests and analysis
  • Contributing supplies and services to support studies
  • Preparing manuscripts for publication
  • Presenting study results at ABRF and other meetings

ABRF offers online community engagement options for core personnel who are interested in following developments in these technology areas but may not be available to contribute to the efforts of a Research Group.

Joining an ABRF Research Group

RG areas of expertise cover a wide range of biotechnologies, and change over time as technologies change - please see the list of current RG's below.  If you are interested in their research studies, have an idea for a research group in a different technology, or want to become involved in a research group, please contact us!  Membership interest will be forwarded to the appropriate RG chair, ideas for new RGs will be vetted by the Executive Board.

See a summary of the new ABRF Research Group studies for the coming year.

ABRF invites members to volunteer to be Peer Reviewers for RG studies and journal articles. To sign up as a Peer Reviewer, complete this short form.

ABRF Research Groups:


Proteomics, Metabolomics, & Mass Spectrometry



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